Add your property to the market

Professional recording of your real estate

The first impression is often the most important! That is the reason that Max Property Rentals  let all the apartments be photographed professionally. The first publication on the internet has to be good and has to attract as much as possible potential tenants. But only pictures are out of date. Also, your property will be filmed professionally.  This gives a good and complete image of the property and will generate in many applications.


Minimize vacancy because vacancy costs money!

Vacancy costs money and comes at the expense of your return. Max Property Rentals knows how important it is that your property is rented out to a good tenant as soon as possible. For that reason, your property will not only be published on our own website, but also on at least 32 partner websites including Funda, Jaap, Expat Rentals, VBO and The more publicity your property gets the sooner a suitable tenant can be selected.